MRS Photo

Munitions Response Services

MEC Characterization, Remediation & Disposal

Operational Range Clearance/Maintenance

Operational Range Clearance, Maintenance and Sustainment

Debris Removal, Target Replacement, Small Arms Range Refurbishment

Geophysical Services

Geophysical Services

Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC), Digital Geophysical Mapping (DGM), GIS


Underwater MEC Services

UXO Dive Teams, Underwater DGM, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)


Construction Support

In-ground & Horizontal Construction, MEC Avoidance for Cultural, Biological Surveys

CWM Sampling and Removal

CWM Sampling and Removal

In-field Chemical Warfare Materiel (CWM) Sampling, Investigation, Removal

Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

Innovative Methods & Advanced Technologies, e.g, X-Ray, (shown) for Effective MEC Field Operations

Community Education Photo

Community Education

Public Involvement & Outreach Using the 3Rs Method: Recognize, Retreat, Report