Providing munitions response services since 1998, USAE is an industry leader performing MEC/UXO characterization, assessment and removal to develop the safest, most cost effective response alternatives to reduce human risks associated with MEC and munitions constituents (MC).

We have the full capability to safely locate, identify, recover, manage, and dispose of all forms of MEC including Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH), Munitions Debris (MD), and Range-Related Debris (RRD).

Performing MEC Response worldwide, USAE excels at ensuring the safety of our personnel, working in logistically challenging environments, and employing the best technologies — all to achieve the highest quality results to exceed our customers expectations.

USAE’s worldwide capability and experience includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Iraq, Guam, Tinian, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Philippines, and Canada.

USAE’s myriad of customers include Dept of Defense entities (USACE, NAVFAC, Marine Corps, Air Force), support active installations, and many commercial and private developers. We have extensive experience working within all phases of regulatory requirements for Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) programs. 

To support worldwide MEC response, USAE staffs and maintains an comprehensive inventory of specialized equipment at our 4,500-sq ft warehouse near our Corporate Office.

We consistently use and verify an extensive network of logistics providers who rapidly and effectively deploy significant resources.

Our Munitions Response capabilities also include:

  • Safetly locate, identify, and charactgerize MEC on the ground surface, subsurface, and underwater
  • MEC clearance and removal
  • Disposal of MEC/MPPEH/MD/MDAS
  • MC Investigation & Remediation
  • Construction Support, as MEC Avoidance during horizontal/vertical construction, cultural, and biological surveys

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