CWM Sampling and Removal Services

USA successfully completed CWM projects as a prime contractor at Harmony Church, Ft. Benning, GA and Former Chemical Warfare Service Field Trials Site and Air to Ground Bombing Range, Withlacoochee, FL.

USA also provided CWM support as a subcontractor at multiple sites including Lowry Jeep Training Area, CO; Fort Segarra, Virgin Islands; Former Camp Crowder, MO; Former Camp Sibert, AL; Brooksville Army Airfield, FL; and participated in pre-operational evaluations and inspections for final approval to commence intrusive investigations.

Soil Sampling

  • Team members take soil samples following approved procedures
  • Samples are then sent to an approved and certified laboratory
  • Results of the soil samples are maintained for reporting purposes and inclusion in Final Reports.

Work Party

  • Downrange Team arrives at an investigation site to begin operations and performs excavations of suspect anomalies
  • Results of excavations are photographed and documented for data entry Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives PPE includes Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA Levels A - D (modified).

Interim Holding Facility (IHF)

  • The IHF is a secure facility designed to hold CWM
  • The IHF is placed in a sited location and has security fencing with placards and warning signs posted
  • Additional security measures may include security guards, alarms, cameras, etc.

X-ray Technology Munitions Response Services

XR150-kv, Single-Package, Pulsed X-Ray Source for Radiographic Examination

  • Flexibility based on the user’s needs and can be used with:
    • Conventional radiographic film
    • Instant radiographic film within 2 minutes
    • Digital inspection systems immediately
  • Flexibility to develop complete radiographic system based on user needs.

The X-ray contains no radioactive material: It produces radiation only when it is pulsing.

Identifying Munitions Using X-Ray in the Field - 2.36” HE Anti-Tank Rocket M6

Cone shape indicates anti-tank rocket

  • Cone with inert filler/no detonator indicates a practice round
  • Cone with detonator (shown right) indicates high explosive


4.2” Mortar

The following X-rays show a series of 4.2” Mortars depicting the noted features: Burster Tubes; the Bourrelet (the ring near the nose of the mortar which supports and aligns the mortar with the center of the barrel), Baffles; and Liquid Line indicating a possible chemical-filled munition.