About Us

What We Do

We perform Munitions Response work such as:

  • Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) characterization and remediation services
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) location, identification, removal & disposal
  • UXO avoidance
  • Munitions debris/range residue removal.

We have experience working around the globe, including harsh terrain, weather extremes, and underwater sites.  USA also provides MRS-related tasks such as Community Education programs, documentation submittals, and development of innovative technologies.

Company Background

USA performs environmental remediation under North American Industry Classification System #562910, Environmental Remediation and #541360, Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Service.  We provide MEC characterization and remediation services, including UXO location, identification, removal, and disposal using the latest technologies in the industry.  We use a formal and proven review process that identifies, analyzes, and tests proposed innovative solutions for safety, field-worthiness, and effectiveness.  To date, USA has safely and successfully completed over $628M of MEC work as both a prime contractor and a subcontrator.

We have performed over 6.1 million field-related manhours on over 850 projects, with 5.8 million of those being MEC-related.  USA has comprehensive Safety and Quality Control Programs, and maintains a Corporate Health and Safety Plan, which is utilized to develop unique Site Health and Safety Plans for each work site.  This attention to quality work and safe procedures has led to an average Insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.83.

Our Locations

USA has its Headquarters in Oldsmar, FL and is the primary office serving CONUS programmatic and logistics requirements.  It is supplemented by our smaller regional offices located in Knoxville, TN; Denver, CO; Virginia Beach, VA; Huntsville, AL; and St. Louis, MO.

Our OCONUS operations are supported through our Oldsmar, FL location which has, over the past 17+ years, successfully demonstrated a geographical reach ranging from the Aleutian Islands, AK to Bagdad, Iraq and from Okinawa to the Hawaiian Islands.  The Pacific Region is further supported by our office in Honolulu, HI, established more than three years ago.

Our Personnel

We employ over 158 personnel, including all UXO-related labor categories. Our UXO personnel are all graduates of the U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) School or a certified training course. Our corporate staff includes Project Management Professionals, Engineers, Geophysicists, and Certified Safety & Quality Professionals.