Safety is Our #1 Priority

USA has performed over 7 million field-related man-hours on projects with:

  • Zero OSHA reportable accidents or incidents involving explosives or dangerous material;
  • Zero government / regulatory safety violations

USA maintains an average National Council on Compensation Insurance EMR of 0.83 for the past 10 years, outperforming the industry standard of 1.00. USA Environmental has a comprehensive and effective Safety Program. This program is designed to protect our employees, other site personnel, and the general public. From senior management to every individual working in the field, we are all active participants in USA’s Safety Program. The Safety Program, which consists of Safety Officers and certified safety professionals, ensures all of our field operations adhere to our Corporate Safety and Health and Site Work Plans, maintain our Standard Operating Procedures, and make aware all safety concerns and any accidents/incidents in a timely manner.

Our safety professionals possess a detailed understanding of the OSHA, DoD, USACE, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), and other applicable regulatory requirements and safety standards. USA has an open-door policy that all personnel can use to voice safety concerns; requires that all employees be committed to performing work in accordance with safe work practices; and has empowered all employees to stop work, without retribution, to voice safety concerns or issues.

Quality Control (QC)/Quality Management (QM)

The goal of USA’s Quality Management Program (QMP) is to safely deliver quality services to our customers on schedule and within budget. The success and effectiveness of our QMP is due to our understanding of quality standards, our integrated approach to quality planning and design, an effective quality training program, and enforcement and monitoring practices. USA’s QMP is a dynamic program that is continually updated to keep pace with the technological advances and changes taking place in the munitions response industry.

USA’s QMP is a formal program designed to ensure we provide staff and field employee management with policies and procedures for performing and delivering quality service to our clients.

When required, USA prepares a site-specific work plan and quality control plan. Listed at right are some of the key Quality Standards USA incorporates into its quality programs and plans.

  • Planning and Design—Our comprehensive Corporate QMP forms the foundation for all Site-Specific Quality Control Plans. Our Corporate Quality Control Manager and UXO Quality Control Specialist (UXOQCS) personnel actively participate in development of each site-specific Work Plan.
  • Training—USA uses only personnel who meet or exceed federal qualification standards. For personnel assigned to quality positions (e.g., UXOQCS), USA conducts formal Quality Management Training at its corporate headquarters. In addition to these requirements, USA performs site specific training per project.
  • Quality Awareness—On each project, we conduct an onsite daily safety briefing. At these meetings USA identifies specific quality considerations for that day’s operations and quality issues and concerns arising from QC Inspections.