USA provides full DGM services. We perform DGM projects, including the support and use of Vehicular Simultaneous Electromagnetic Induction Land Magnetometer System (VSEMS). We self-perform using the latest electromagnetic and magnetometer sensors, including EM63, underwater EM61, EM61-MK2 or MK2A, and G-858 in single sensor, gradiometer configurations, and towed arrays. USA fields the latest technology with field technicians utilizing Personal Digital Assistant /Global Positioning System (PDA/GPS) data collection tools. Note: USA’s custom designed towed array is easily shippable worldwide via FedEx.

We use Geosoft’s OASIS Montaj with UX-Process, the latest Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) tools, and UX_Analyze for DGM processing and analysis. Our DGM Team is led by USA’s Program Geophysicist, who has more than 40 years of relevant experience. USA has another full time and one part time senior geophysicist and a Site Geophysicist on staff. Basic ordering agreements with other geophysical companies provide surge capability.

    EM61-MK2A in Stretcher Mode


DGM Anomaly Density Maps