Since our inception in 1998, USA has been supporting DoD’s mission to prepare soldiers to fight and win wars by maintaining active ranges. We perform range residue clearance activities and manage complicated schedules and concerns associated with active ranges; operational range clearance (surface and subsurface) of ranges where both non-explosive practice munitions and high explosive (HE) munitions are used; operational range condition assessments; and target and berm maintenance. USA also provides range sustainment services and processing/recycling services at operational ranges. Our experience includes 44 large-scale Range Maintenance projects valued at over $142M including sur-face/subsurface clearance, target removal/replacements, and construction support.

Working at DoD installations both CONUS and OCONUS, USA has inspected, cleared, processed, and certified more than 40 million pounds of recyclable metal and 9 million pounds of non-recyclable debris screened and cleared for landfill disposal. In the past 5 years alone, USA has certified 3 million pounds of range related debris from the former Vieques Naval Training Range, Puerto Rico, in accordance with the Navy's approach to sustainable environmental remediation.

USA has the in-house expertise and demonstrated practical experience to process live, full-scale, and sub-scale practice munitions and inert practice ammunition and targets. Our process for demilitarization not only meets scrap metal industry and military standards, but also optimizes the recycling value in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Green Procurement Program. In support of our range sustainment services, the USA Team also self-performs horizontal construction to repair roads and remove, build, install, and maintain down-range targets.

Examples of range clearance we have performed:

Yuma, Rakish Litter, AZ – CTO Value: $3M

  • Large-scale MEC surface and subsurface range clearance; disposal of 2.8 million pounds of munitions debris (MD), 16,000 pounds of RRD and 141,000 MEC items
  • Range residue removal and processing
  • Explosive disposal of UXO and Material/Munitions Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard
  • Successful coordination of fieldwork activities to align with the range access schedule.

Falcon Range, OK – CTO Value: $4M

  • Sustained, 4-year range maintenance and range operations project; range residue clearance and disposal/recycling; targets replacement
  • Recycling of munitions and target residue
  • Range road maintenance, and building maintenance and repairs.

Okinawa, Japan – Value of all CTOs: $16.2M

Sample CTO: KB02

  • Operational range clearance at 13 ranges
  • MEC surface and subsurface clearance
  • Developed plans and procedures to update, repair, and relocate 9 ranges
  • Construction support, road maintenance and target instal¬lation; berm sifting and relocation, reconstruction and installation
  • Close coordination with range control to minimize project schedule delays
  • Overcame challenges of remote operations, steep terrain, thick vegetation, and severe weather.


Selected project sites on which we have worked:

  • Fort Lewis, WA
  • Fort Polk, LA
  • Fort Jackson, SC
  • Fort Stewart, GA
  • Fort Bliss, TX
  • Fort Benning, GA
  • Fort Gordon, GA
  • Yakima Training Center, WA
  • Fort Knox, KY
  • Fort Gordon, GA
  • Fort Dix, NJ
  • Fort Hood, TX
  • Camp Ripley, MN
  • Camp Santiago, PR
  • Former Camp Robinson, AR
  • Pohakuloa, HI
  • Fort Benning, GA
  • Camp Bullis, TX
  • Devens, MA

Services we offer:

  • Surface and subsurface clearance
  • Material documented as safe (MDAS) and debris management
  • Explosive disposal/venting
  • Target demolition and recycling
  • Target insertion
  • Coordination/scheduling with range control to minimize operational training impacts
  • Sustained presence and continual operations
  • Related activities:
    • Road/infrastructure construction
    • Berm sifting and reconstruction
    • Small arms range renovation and repair


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