To enhance our Digital Geophysical Mapping (DGM) ability to detect Munitions and Looking backward at the towed array from the towing vehicle.Explosives of Concern (MEC) USA Environmental has developed a custom EM61-MK2 towed array to facilitate mapping larger sites. The array typically hosts two 1 x 0.5 m EM61-MK2 coils side by side for a 2m swath, allowing us to effectively map more area in a day. The array is capable of hosting a third, overlapping coil for detecting smaller Targets of Interest (TOI), if necessary. The array is positioned with a Real Time Kinematic Differential Global Positioning System (RTK DGPS) and is towed by a vehicle of opportunity, preferably a diesel powered 4-wheel drive utility vehicle, rented locally. Towed array data are stored on a Panasonic Toughbook running MagLogPro.

The Towed Array on the job in Texas.Unique to the towed array design is the capability to pack and ship all components via FedEx overnight. The towed platform can be deployed with either a set of 19” Wheeleez balloon tires or 15” foam filled tires, depending on site conditions.

The towed array has successfully performed two recent and separate 18-acre surveys in El Paso, Texas, with very rugged site conditions in terms of terrain and surface rocks. The system is field tested and ready to go!