USA is a small business leader in locating, assessing, characterizing, and removing MEC from underwater environments. There may be as many as 1 million acres of potentially MEC-contaminated underwater and wetland areas, and contending with underwater MEC can be significantly more complex and expensive than addressing them on land. Thus, both detection and discrimination are crucial components of any underwater search technology, as well as applying a variety of options for completing in-place disposal or removal of these items. USA maintains comprehensive capabilities to address this range of scenarios, including the ability to deploy remotely operated equipment/sensors or utilizing trained and qualified UXO divers.

USA understands the critical elements associated with operating safely and effectively in a dynamic marine environment, including thorough consideration and planning for sensitive marine habitat/endangered species. In addition, USA utilizes remote methods to enhance safety of personnel and the marine habitat, including side scan sonar, autonomous underwater vehicles, towed DGM and magnetometer arrays, as well as ROVs. Our VideoRay ROVs with Smart Tether navigation/positioning system allows both real-time observation and video recording/documentation of underwater environments with accurate GPS positioning.

USA has successfully completed more than 19 underwater projects utilizing the above technologies, covering over 150,000 acres within the continental United States, the Pacific, and the Caribbean.

Underwater Services

• MEC detection, identification, and characterization

• Removal Actions

• Coral Surveys

• Structural Investigations

• Marine Habitat Assessments

• Rapid Responses.

Extensive Capabilities and Experience

• Trained MEC Dive Teams

• Working/Inspection Class ROV Operations

• Wide Range of Experienced Corporate Team Members

• Ability to Operate in Remote/Challenging Locations

Critical Elements and Understanding

• Dynamic Marine Environments

• Consideration and Planning for Sensitive Marine Habitats/Endangered Species

• Safely Operate in Higher Risk Environments.

Inspection Class ROVsUnderwater UXO

• Operational Depth: Range 1 to 300 ft.

• System contained within 2 3 Pelican cases; minimal pre-deployment lead time and cost

• Smart Tether navigation system for accurate underwater GPS location (5-ft accuracy)

• Integrated 900-kHz sonar for low visibility maneuvering

• Not restricted to any bottom time limitation; effectively operates in currents of 2 to 3 knots

• Video documentation of marine environment in proximity to encountered MEC

• Real-time video of underwater operations

• Access to very shallow waters and the ability to safely maneuver around corals.

Technology Advantages

• Cost Effective

• Wide Area Assessment

• Ability for stakeholders to view and gain perspective of underwater sites/conditions

• Real-time Observations for Quality Control

• Enhanced Safety of Personnel

• Protection of Sensitive Marine Habitat.

Other Underwater Survey and Investigation SystemsDiver with Metal Detector

• Towed Camera

• Side Scan Sonar

• Magnetometers

• Electromagnetic (EM)

• Single/multi-beam bathymetry

• Working Class ROVs.

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