USA performs MEC/UXO avoidance and construction support to both horizontal and vertical construction, biological surveys, cultural and archaeological investigations, and underground environmental investigation activities. There are typically two types of avoidance activities used on sites with suspected munitions. The first is when UXO-qualified individuals escort construction personnel, surveyors, biologists, or other individuals to ensure they do not come in contact with any suspected munitions items while performing their specific non-intrusive activities. The second is when a UXO-qualified individual is checking the subsurface with a geophysical instrument to determine whether there are any potential metallic objects under the surface, and then directing the activity away from the anomaly such as moving a fence pole a few feet one way or another to avoid the anomaly. In addition to the avoidance aspect of construction support, USA provides direct construction support during intrusive activities. If the area is deemed to have a low probability of encountering munitions, UXO support personnel are on-hand to observe the intrusive activities in the event that munitions are encountered. If munitions are encountered, work will stop until the munitions hazard is cleared. If an area is deemed to have a medium-to-high probability of encountering munitions, then construction support is performed by clearing to appropriate depths prior to the construction contractor’s intrusive activities, and then resuming previously mentioned support for low probability.

We have provided the following types of construction support and avoidance for projects throughout the U.S. and worldwide: anomaly avoidance for the cultural and biological monitors; UXO avoidance during Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive waste investigation and fence construction; and UXO construction support for new range construction, for the installation of underground utilities, building foundations, road building, and other types of earth moving operations in areas suspected of containing munitions.

Backfilling the Infiltration Basin and the Storm Pipe System.